2015 Warriors Playoffs – Bring On The Grizz

Bring on the Grizz

The Warriors close out the Pelicans.

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2015 Warriors Playoffs – Steph Curry With The Shot

Steph Curry with the shot

The Warriors win their first game ever in which they were down by 20 points.

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The #BALLSOHARD Podcast – Star Wars Celebration

Star Wars Celebration

With the new trailer out, it’s time to delve back into the Star Wars universe.

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2015 Warriors Playoffs – The Best Bogut Face Of Them All

2015 Warriors playoffs

Even though they won by ten points on Monday, the game was far closer than the score indicated.

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2015 Warriors Playoffs – Warriors Get Game One Out Of The Way

Warriors playoffs

(AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez)

In game one of the first round of the playoffs, the Warriors had a decisive edge everywhere, except at one position.

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MTV’s The Challenge – Battle Of The Exes 2 Penultimate Episode

battle of the exes 2

First thing’s first: I usually only blog the finale. Why write about the second-to-last episode? Eh, I just wanted to write about the Challenge. Read More →

The #BALLSOHARD Podcast – Alex Pavlovic And Carmen Kiew

Alex Pavlovic

I’m pretty sure that this has never been done before. Unless someone proves me wrong, there’s never been a podcast that tackles both the San Francisco Giants and MTV’s The Challenge. Read More →

All-time Golden State Warriors Team

Golden State Warriors

A Facebook buddy threw out his all-time Lakers team which prompted his friends who were Warriors fans to try and put theirs together. Read More →

Aunt Helen

Aunt Helen

On Monday, February 16, 2015, my Aunt Helen passed away. Read More →

Roundball Soundoff – Top 15 Dunkers In NBA Slam Dunk Contest History

nba dunk contest

The original post was written almost exactly two years ago for Popblerd.com. I’ve updated it to incorporate the last two years of the contest. Read More →