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2012 SF Giants – The Giants Are The 2012 World Series Champs

In my last post, I talked about how I felt really good about game three because even after winning the first two games, the “experts” were saying that the Giants were lucky and they were getting all the breaks. And most of them picked the Tigers to win game three. Read More →

2012 SF Giants – The Giants Are On The Brink Of Another World Series Championship

2012 SF Giants

In the fourteen game stories I’ve written during the San Francisco Giants’ playoff run in the last two and a half weeks, I haven’t written a word about 2010. Read More →

2012 SF Giants – Must Be Nice To Be Madison Bumgarner

2012 SF GiantsMust be nice to be Madison Bumgarner. Read More →

2012 SF Giants – Live At Game 1 Of The 2012 World Series

2012 SF GiantsThanks to a lucky break and some fantastic co-workers, I was able to attend game one of the World Series at AT&T Park. Read More →

2012 SF Giants – Sweat Equity

2012 SF Giants

The thing I liked most about the NLCS match-up between the St. Louis Cardinals and the San Francisco Giants was that it was a duel between the two previous World Series winners. To win a championship is hard. To defend that championship is even harder. Read More →

2012 SF Giants – Ryan Vogelsong Is Too Sweet To Be Sour

2012 SF Giants

Former pro wrestler Superstar Billy Graham had one of the greatest raps of all-time. One of them could be used to describe Ryan Vogelsong tonight. Read More →

2012 SF Giants – #RallyZito

2012 SF Giants

After I wrote many words about Tim Lincecum and his alarming regression in 2012, I added a couple paragraphs about #RallyZito. At the time of my writing, it was a fun little Twitter meme that Giants fans were using to try to stay positive about their chances in the NLCS. Read More →

2012 SF Giants – On Tim Lincecum And #RallyZito

2012 SF Giants

Before I mention the Giants loss on Thursday night, I wanted to tell a story. It’s about a man named Tim Lincecum. Read More →

2012 SF Giants – 7 Hours Later, The Cards Upend The Giants In Game 3

2012 SF Giants

Game three of the NLCS between the San Francisco Giants and St. Louis Cardinals started at 1PM Pacific time and ended a bit before 8PM Pacific time. No, it wasn’t a seven hour game. There was a three and a half hour rain delay in the middle. October baseball! Read More →

2012 SF Giants – Giants Get Even In Game 2

2012 SF Giants

If you want to find a turning point in game two of the NLCS, look no further than the top of the first inning. Maybe it wasn’t really a turning point. Maybe it was a starting point. Read More →