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Majesty goes homeLong story short, I’ve been blogging at this domain for roughly 12 years. Because of a miscommunication, 12 years of blog posts were lost earlier this year. I had actually stopped writing consistently. But you know how you don’t know what you got till it’s gone (Joni Mitchell never lies)? Well, when the blog was gone, I missed it. So it’s back. And like MJ in the 4-5, I’m back.

Also, I’m hoping that my buddy Coach Dan will make me a sweet banner very soon. I have some Mangria to trade.

I hope at least some folks figured out that I’m not blogging American Idol this year. I started blogging it during season two when Ruben Studdard and Clay Aiken were going toe-to-toe. But this season, partly because this blog wasn’t ready and also because those of us at Popblerd decided to stop writing consistently, I haven’t written a thing about the season save for a handful of tweets. Well, until now.

Before I go off about how bad it was that Majesty Rose was sent home, I need to give Harold Connick Jr. some heat since he wishes to be the most honest critic this side of Simon Cowell. I don’t mind his negative criticism of the young contestants. In fact, he’s probably right, though he speaks above my head at times. But does Harold’s negativity make the show better?

It’s no secret that American Idol’s ratings have been declining. But the decline has been overstated. The show hasn’t been doing badly in the ratings for that long. In fact, it has only been the last two years where the numbers were decidedly down. Nearly 30 million people watched Scotty McCreary win season 10, whereas less than half saw Candice Glover win last season.

So back to my question. Does Harold’s incessant negativity and nit picking make people want to watch the show more, or is American Idol now strictly for the hardcore folks who have been there as long as I have? If it’s for the hardcores, maybe people enjoy Harold’s holier than thou stance. I personally find him inauthentic, especially in the excuses he makes for his negativity.

Let’s get back to Majesty Rose. I have a rule with American Idol. I don’t complain about when America sends someone home unless I think that person was talented enough to win the show. Kristin O’Connor, Emily Piriz, Ben Briley, and MK Nobilette were all contestants who didn’t have a chance to win the show. No matter how much J. Lo liked MK, she didn’t have the charisma to get to the end and it was a bit painful to watch her at times.

But Majesty Rose? She had the talent to win. Most of the time, cute/white/male wins this show. Why? I’m sure that the female demographic dominates the vote. But in seasons in which cute/white/male doesn’t exist, usually the most talented person wins. Last year, that was Candice Glover. Unless Sam Woolf becomes a heartthrob over night, I don’t think cute/white/male exists this year either.

So if it comes down to talent, why is Majesty gone? I think she’s gone for two reasons. For one, Malaya Watson has become America’s sweetheart. Jena Irene has come into her own as the belter. Thus, Majesty got lost in the shuffle. Secondly, she’s quirky. Many times, American doesn’t like quirky.

But isn’t that what the judges’ save is for? They had three weeks left to use it and I think they should’ve used it here. If we’re talking about talent, only Caleb Johnson, Malaya, Jena, and Majesty could win the show. Sure, CJ Harris is super likable. Even though I can’t tell if she’s smiling through pain, Jessica Meuse has the look of a winner. But Dexter Roberts, Sam Woolf, and Alex Preston are all disposable. They don’t do anything really well.

So the only contestants the judges needed to use the save on were Caleb, Malaya, Jena, and Majesty.

Check out what is probably one of the top 3 performances so far. Majesty performs the song from Frozen. You can’t tell me that this girl isn’t at the very least in the top five.

America, you got it wrong. Judges, you got it wrong. I prefer to blame Harold.

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