MTV’s The Challenge: Free Agents Preview

challenge: free agents previewThere are few certainties in life. One of them is death. Another is taxes. And after The Real World completes a season, The Challenge begins.

It hasn’t been quite seven months since CT won his first Challenge title with his partner Wes, outlasting Johnny Bananas and Frank. And really, it felt like it happened yesterday. CT finally reached his potential. If I were producing the show, I’d have him walk around with John Cena’s spinner belt screaming, “The champ is here!”

This season though, he won’t have Wes’ game play or strategy. The big lug will have to do it on his own. The Challenge: Free Agents is the new season and it promises that players are on their own.

I couldn’t find too much on MTV’s Challenge website, but did find this description of how the show will play out this year on Wikipedia.

Like The Duel and Duel II challenges, and like The Island until the finale, this season of The Challenge features contestants competing for themselves, this time for a share of $350,000. However, unlike the Duel series, each challenge will be declared as either an individual, pair, or team challenge. After each challenge, the winning male and female players are not only safe from elimination, but also choose one player of each gender to compete in the elimination round. The losing male and female players from each challenge participate in an elimination vote called “The Draw,” and the two players of each gender will face-off in the elimination round.

So it sounds like the single winners choose both competitors who will face-off for a chance to stay or go home.

There are so many great players missing from the season. Where’s cross-fit Emily and no-nonsense Evelyn? Is Kenny still banned? What about my boy Marlon aka Jay Dillinger? But maybe the missing in action power houses will give someone else a chance to win. Could Cara Maria sneak in and be the Cinderella story? Might Jordan from Real World Portland sneak up on CT and Bananas and win the show? May Preston be the Villanova of the tournament and shock the world? Okay, that last one probably doesn’t happen.

Handicapping The Challenge: Free Agents

The Females

Based on previous Challenges, we can rule out the following winning: Devyn and Emilee.

Emilee was one and done last time and Devyn doesn’t have Big Easy to follow drop rose petals where she walks.

Based on being too new and getting the cold shoulder from the vets, we can rule out the following winning: Jessica, Hurricane Nia and LaToya.

Being a rookie or even a sophomore is very hard, though as Jordan and Marlon showed, you can do it. However, you just have to be athletically superior to just about anyone to do it. We don’t have that here.

challenge: free agents previewBased on being far too temperamental, we can rule out the following winning: Jasmine

You could add Nia (look at the Twitter war on the right) and Camila here, but Camila, even in her craziness, has become a solid player. She must’ve learned something from romancing Bananas.

Based on their social game only taking them so far, we can rule out the following winning: Nany, Jonna, and Theresa

The social game is definitely a big part of it, but because the competition can be so athletic, the non-athletes will stay until their friends start knocking them off. And in the trailer, Nany kisses about 20 people, so she’s definitely staying the longest.

Let’s rank the rest (in order from weakest to strongest).

Aneesa: She played her strongest game yet in Rivals II so you know she’s back to do even better. But the solo game actually hurts Aneesa’s game.

Cara Maria: She’s my favorite female competitor in the game. I think I just enjoy her quirkiness. And being the runner-up several times in a row means that she plays this game well. I don’t really worry about her athletically as I do mentally. She often gets in her own head and I think that will be her demise.

Camila: She won Battle Of The Exes and finished third on Rivals II. She’s ready to make that move, but athletically, she’s not as gifted as the final two.

Jemmye: People forget she’s a D-1 athlete. And maybe more importantly, there’s no Knight to chase her around with ketchup. She also made a comment which gives me some idea that she’s in it to win it. “At this point, the only thing that’s acceptable is first or second. If I don’t get first or second, then I didn’t do what I came here to do.”

Predicted Winner: Laurel

Without Emily, Paula (pregnant), or Evelyn standing in her way, it looks like Laurel, who got her start on Fresh Meat II, may finally be able to win one of these things. She’s placed second in every Challenge she’s been in, including the original Rivals.

Who’s going to take down tall-drink-of-water Laurel? She’s physically imposing and this time, no partner can let her down. She’s your favorite going in.

The Males

This is a top heavy cast. We can quickly eliminate Chet, Cohutta, probably Isaac, Portland Johnny, Preston, and probably Swift. I say probably because Swift and Isaac are wild cards. We don’t really know anything about these guys.

So that leaves Brandon (who is a terrible team player but could do well solo), CT (the man), Dustin (fiery and always has a chip on his shoulder), Frank (Grantland’s favorite), Bananas (Bill Russell but the beard is graying), Jordan (the dark horse), Leroy (too nice), and Zach (who put up 255 on the bench like it ain’t no thing).

If I’m ranking them, here’s how I’d go:

8. Brandon
7. Dustin
6. Leroy
5. Zach
4. Jordan
3. CT
2. Bananas

challenge: free agents
Predicted Winner: Frank

But really, I think anyone in the top five can win it and while Bananas plays the best social game of the bunch, I think Frank may have learned some tricks from him by being his partner last year. He may out-banana Johnny Bananas and sneak out with the title.

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