Reality Check – Real World Ex-plosion Finale

Real World Ex-plosion FinaleEven though I really enjoyed last season’s Real World Portland, it definitely felt like a show that was long in the tooth. And ratings have shown that in recent seasons. But with this current second San Francisco season, renamed Real World Ex-plosion, the show feels rejuvenated.

Early on, Real World was a social experiment of putting cameras around young people who had to live in the same house. You saw multi-dimensional characters like Pedro and Puck. As MTV changed, so did Real World. It evolved into casting attractive and volatile people to “create” entertaining situations. But every once in a while, there’s a Real World moment that takes you back to the early days of the social experiment.

(This season’s moment was when Arielle’s housemates met her friends who are transgender and you learned a little bit about their community and the issues they see every day.)

What the producers did this season to make the show unrecognizable to its origins was add the wrinkle of bringing exes into the house without the original cast members knowing. This isn’t a first. Big Brother did it a few years ago. But it did inject PEDs into an old and eroding genre and because of the change-up, the show could go on for several more years with different themes.

The premise is simple. The original cast members (Arielle, Cory, Jamie, Jay, Jenny, and Tom) don’t like that their exes (Ashley, Brian, and Jenna) became party poopers. The exes assumed they were going to replace booted original cast members (such as Smashley who was voted out by episode two) and didn’t know they’d be bum rushing the party. Two exes left the show because of being pregnant (Lauren) and being heartbroken (Hailey).


This is the true story… of seven strangers… picked to live in a house…work together and have their lives taped… to find out what happens… when people stop being polite… and start getting real…The Real World.

10:01: The last episode blue-balled the audience with a cliff hanger when Cory (Team OG) and emotional Brian (Jenny’s ex) looked to be getting into a fight while also in a moving vehicle. It’s been bubbling. But then, nope. It became a game of, “Hold me back!” and the producers stepped in and took Brian into another van. Man, we waited all week for that.

10:02: At least Jenny got to throw a kick at Brian a few weeks ago.

Real World Ex-plosion Finale

10:05: Brian’s back in the house after Cory fell asleep so we wouldn’t have to see another game of, “Hold me back!”

He shares a room with Jenny and our emotional creature had this conversation with Jenny.

J (whispering): What happened?
B: I’m trying to win this game (rest was bleeped out).
J: Honey, it’s not a game first of all. Second of all…
B (interrupts her): Yes. I have something to stand for J. My pride, my confidence, and everything I’ve earned in my life.
J: Then don’t go telling people that we’re together. Cause you’re making me look like a joke.
B: If you want to sit here and coddle someone else, and you’re going to continue to **** him (Cory). You move out to LA, right back to LA, you got your friends with benefits all over again.
J: You go out every night and mack on bitches, I don’t know what you’re talking about. And that’s not the Brian that I used to know.
B: Because I’ve spent five years investing in something that’s just been given away to some bull****.
J: Oh my God.
B: Wasting time on you was a damn shame.
J: You’re not wasting any time.
B: I have. Five years. I’ve ruined my brain with you.
J (laughing): How did you ruin your brain with other bitches?
B: I will be a lonely soldier.
J: Just go to bed.
B: You ain’t trying to go to bed. You’re just trying to be fake (bleep).

She then drenched his bed in water. (End scene)

So what did we learn? Brian not only stands for his pride, but he also stands for his confidence. He’s ruined his brain with Jenny. And he’s a lonely soldier. Brian is amazing.

10:13: Brian goes up to Cory and wants to talk to him. Cory wants to fight. Instead, Brian uses Jedi mind tricks on Cory so instead of fighting, Cory gets frustrated and walks away. In a nutshell, the Lonely Soldier thought he and Cory had a friendship, but learned Cory was being fake because he likes Jenny. I think the Lonely Soldier is broken hearted again.

10:14: Somehow, they shake hands, which Cory sees as true personal growth, because the old Cory (in his words) would’ve gone BOW! and thrown the first punch.

10:18: “You want it bad enough, you make it work.”

Jamie and Tom hooked up on the first episode, dealt with Tom’s ex Hailey coming in and trying to break them up, as well as Jamie’s c-blocking of others. And throughout it all, they found love. By the way, that quote is what Jamie told Tom after he said he wants to be with her after the show is over, but he doesn’t know how. And no, Tom’s not too bright.

10:26: Jenna who was Jay’s ex, but is now his official girlfriend was mimicking Jay’s creed on how to cheat, or not cheat on her. She was kissing him on the cheek saying, “Nope, that’s not cheating.” And then when she kissed his mouth, she said, “That’s cheating.” Well, unless the camera isn’t around.

(By the way, I’ve changed my mind on her a few times. I liked her, then didn’t, and I think I slightly like her again. She really needs to be with Brian though because he stands for his confidence and she needs to stand for hers. They can call themselves the Lonely Soldiers.)

10:27: “I’m hurting inside… very deeply. I just hope that you can understand where I’m coming from and how I feel and how I’m trying to understand myself in this position. I know that I love you. And I know that I messed up. I feel heartbroken, you know.”

Who said that quote?

A. Edward the Vampire to Bella
B. Ron Weasley to Hermione Granger
C. The Lonely Soldier to Jenny

Real World Ex-plosion finale10:34: On the last night out, the entire crew decided to go to the club in which Jenny go-go dances. Which made me wonder? Is Jenny still as real as Colby cheese?

10:35: Arielle, her girlfriend Ashley, and Jamie did a three-way kiss (while her boyfriend Tom was asleep). Arielle and Ashley are beautiful women. If Jamie was ever going to be sexy, it was going to be kissing these women. Nope, Jamie still isn’t sexy.

10:41: A very drunk Brian is very angry with Jenny and there’s not really a reason why. Cory put him in time out. But Brian wanted to get out of time out and decided to attack inanimate objects. He got by Cory but Cory took him down and held him there.

After security stopped him, he tried to break Jenny’s bed. And when Cory told him to stop, or else he’d have to get him again, this was Brian’s reaction.

10:43: It looks like security is ready to take the maniacal Brian way, but Arielle tries to save the day. She asks him what’s wrong. With a crazed look in his eyes, it looked like he was about to explode. But then he said, “I’m sad.” He then got frustrated and double legged Arielle to the floor. Some how, she ended back on top and said they were cool. She weighs about a buck-oh-five. How did she get back up and reverse positions? Then I remembered this.

She’s a bad girl.

Surprisingly, Brian wasn’t arrested. But they took him to a hotel.

10:49: This happened.

Jay: I need Advil.
Jenna: I do too. I’m going to buy it at the plane station.
Jay: Plane station? I think it’s called an airport.

10:51: Kind of cloudy about what happened, Brian left, Arielle told him to keep his head up and then he left us with this quote.

“I did what I had to do.”

The Lonely Soldier!

10:61: Cory and Jenny were the last two, and no they didn’t have bear sex again.

Now that we’re done, the only thing left is to see who has a chance to succeed in The Challenge.

In: Cory, Brian, Arielle, Jenny, Smashley
Out: Tom, Jamie, Jenna, Jay, Hailey, Lauren
Wildcard: Ashley

There you go. It was a season well done.

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