The #BALLSOHARD Podcast – NBA Finals Preview With Nick James

NBA Finals preview

This is the third #BALLSOHARD Podcast and since it’s time for the NBA Finals, I wanted to bring on sports radio host Nick James (aka Twitch) from ESPN 630.

Here’s what you’ll hear on the podcast:

- How I met Nick
- What led him to doing sports radio
- The contest that won him his job
- What has been tough and what hasn’t about the job
- How bloggers like the Bay Area Sports Guy have created a new niche
- His thoughts on Colin Kaepernick’s new contract (some of this now outdated with the most recent info)
- The SF Giants’ fast start and if he’s surprised
- How fans can be harder on some athletes and not others
- The Warriors and the Mark Jackson situation
- Should they pursue Kevin Love?
- Our NBA Finals preview and predictions for the series

Let us know what you think.

(We’ve been having issues with downloads, so I’ve added a YouTube video of the show just in case.)

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