The Challenge: Free Agents Season Finale

The Challenge: Free Agents Season Finale

It’s time for The Challenge: Free Agents season finale.

This has been a pretty fun season of MTV’s The Challenge as I discussed with @CarmenKiew last night on The #BALLSOHARD Podcast. I wouldn’t say the season was necessarily super predictable either as my predictions didn’t exactly go the way I wanted them to. But who knew Frank was going to get the clap and have to be sent home to be quarantined?

There are six competitors left. Well, at least we think there are. Johnny Bananas, Johnny Portland, Nany, Devyn, Laurel, and maybe Zach are left. It’s only maybe Zach because the last we saw of him, he was drowning after being tossed into the rapids from his raft.

:02 – We now know that Zach hasn’t died. But he may have a concussion from hitting his head on the rock when his boat tipped over.

:03 – Bananas and Laurel finished in first (of course they did) in the rapids while Portland and Nany finished less than five minutes behind them. If you could finish worse than third in a three team race, that’s what Zach and Devyn did.

(By the way, these are all timed events. All of their times will be added up at the end and the one with the lowest time will win.)

:05 – It’s time for a 10K run up a hill. Portland is paired with Laurel and they kick ass. Bananas is carrying Devyn on his back and singing military songs to her. At the end of the run, they have to put South American countries labeled on tree trunk pieces in some sort of order. Looks like guess work for everyone.

:13 – Devyn and Bananas actually solved the puzzle simply by trying to fit the tree back together. The other teams were too dumb to figure that one out.

:15 – The third part of the finale is climbing a mountain of rocks. Zach’s body is cramping up like LeBron James’ and Laurel is trying to push him up the mountain. Zach is crying and saying that he’s going to die. Laurel wants him to finish for her so she can go on. Bananas calls Nany, “the baddest b****” and she says, “thanks.” Laurel reminds Zach of when he screamed at Sam to walk in the desert. Zach has to man-up now.

:29 – Portland has the most patience with Devyn and she doesn’t cause them to lose terribly and they make it up the mountain. It’s now back to an individual competition. They have to ride a stationary bike 25 miles before they can sleep.

:31 – Bananas finishes in first on the bike. Nany flips out and starts crying to the producer. Portland finishes second. Cramping Zach finishes in third. Laurel finishes in fourth while Nany gets back on the bike and finishes in fifth. Devyn finishes before sunrise.

:39 – It’s climbing a volcano in the snow time. Bananas and Portland are neck and neck. Zach doesn’t think he’s going to die anymore. He just feels like he’s going to pass out.

:46 – Portland finishes in first. Bananas, Laurel, and Nany follow. Broken down Zach finishes in fifth. About two days later, Devyn finishes.

:57 – Based on their total times, here’s how they finish.

Dudes: Bananas (125K), Portland (35K), and Zach (15K)

Ladies: Laurel (125K), Nany (35K) , and Devyn (15K)

So there you have it. Maybe it was predictable. Bananas is now a 5-time winner, putting him in rarified air with Bill Russell, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and a few others. Laurel isn’t a front runner any longer.

See you in a few months when The Real World stars again.

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