MTV’s The Challenge – Battle Of The Exes 2 Penultimate Episode

battle of the exes 2

First thing’s first: I usually only blog the finale. Why write about the second-to-last episode? Eh, I just wanted to write about the Challenge.

It also gives me a chance to link to the podcast I did earlier this week with CSN Bay Area Giants Insider and Challenge superfan Alex Pavlovic (@AlexPavlovic) and Carmen Kiew (@CarmenKiew) who is such a rabid fan that she watched all the previous Challenge seasons for the heck of it.

We talked Giants for the first half, but finished off with the main event, our discussion on this season of the Challenge so far.

Before I get to the write-up, I feel like I need to explain the one wrinkle to this season, outside of the fact that each team is made up of two people who have at least hooked up before and didn’t really like each other any longer.

The subtitle of the show is called “The Battle Of The Ex-iled” because after each elimination, the eliminated team had a chance to get back in the game, facing off against prior eliminated teams. Think of it as the loser’s bracket. Once Leroy and Nia eliminated Johnny Bananas and Nany (aka Banany) you had a feeling they were going to win that loser’s bracket and allowed back into the house.

(To show you how polarizing this part of the game was, Pavlovic hated it and Carmen loved it.)

Those who were still in the game had no idea that there was a loser’s bracket ongoing. So when Team Banany entered back into the game, the players had a look of shock and awe on their faces.

When it came down to the second to last battle of the season, winners of the first ever night challenge event, Jordan and Sarah (well, really Sarah) decided to throw Team Banany into dome to face-off against Leroy and Nia. Jordan either didn’t want it to happen, or he was acting very well and letting his partner take the heat.

Bananas specifically acted like it was unexpected, even though I’m sure most viewers didn’t as Jordan and Bananas have been rivals for the past couple seasons.

On the podcast, I hinted that there was going to be a surprise elimination tonight because of a possible sexually abusive situation. Let’s see what happens.

:01 – Jordan admitted that Sarah made a move that he didn’t have the balls to do.

:02 – Sarah was already crying because she’s the nice girl and she made a big move; one that was taught to her by all the strong players.

:03 – They’re all staying in Panama City for the night in the same hotel. Nia immediate attacks Sarah, making fun of her weight. She pulls down Jordan’s shorts, but he’s wearing leggings, so it wasn’t much. But she did so to make fun of the size of his penis, going way back to the Real World Portland days. Bananas said that Sarah was just as big of a snake as Wes. Sarah says she was just playing a game. This isn’t going to end well.

:04 – Leroy tells Nia to get over it because she has no leg to stand on being that she keeps losing challenges.

:05 – Jay who has skated into the final tries to tell Sarah that she made the right decision. Of course he said that. He thought he and Jenna were going into the dome and he surely didn’t want a part of big Leroy.

:06 – They’re headed to Norway. Nany wants to know if Norway is far away.

:12 – Sarah admits keeping Jay and Jenna because they basically have no chance. Smash cut to Jenna being unable to eat seafood soup because fish are friends, not food. Jay and Jenna are BBQ chicken.

:15 – Hurricane Nia is going HAM. I also noticed that Jordan’s big toe nail is painted black. Jordan tells Nia that she can’t talk smack because she quit in her last challenge. That brought the Hurricane out. She called him a specific derogatory name that was uncalled for. She then purposely poked him right in the pilly packer.

:17 – TJ shows up in Norway. He tells Nia to get her gear and leave with him. Nia messed up my man Leroy’s chance to win!

:23 – Bananas called Jay and Jenna two idiots and Jay barked back at him. I was actually quite impressed. Way more impressed than his other talent, which was to get phone numbers from women and not call them.

:25 – Nany and Jenna decide to take tequila shots and get slobber-knockered. Yes, it’s the day before the elimination starts.

:28 – TJ says that Nia’s out of the final for inappropriately touching Jordan. He says that Leroy needs a partner for the final and without a partner, he can’t compete. Welcome back Theresa! I guess she and Leroy hooked up before.

:33 – The final elimination is called the Ex-battle. The goal is to take the X from the other person. They both start with their hands on the X.

:35 – Bananas tries to wrench the X from Leroy by using his legs as if he was to set him up for a triangle in a UFC match.

:39 – Bananas comes up lame with a rib injury, but tries to play through it. Leroy takes the X from him.

:46 – The Nany/Theresa battle has some amazing twists and turns. At one point, Nany takes Theresa down with a Ronda Rousey judo throw. Okay, it wasn’t that technical, but Theresa bounced on the ground. Nany was then riding Theresa like a pony. At another point, Theresa has her knee in Theresa’s face. Then Nany bites Theresa’s knee. Theresa finally wrenched it out and looked like she wanted to give it back to Nany so they could continue fighting.

:48 – Nany and Bananas say their goodbyes and go home.

:59 – The first part of the final is jumping out of a helicopter and swimming. You knew MTV was going to make Leroy swim. Sarah and Jordan get to go first, then Jay and Jenna, and finally, Theresa and Michael Phelps.

Really, if the swimming is of any distance, Sarah and Jordan should win this thing. But if it’s not, Leroy and Theresa are the best athletic tandem. Until next week…

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