2015 Warriors Playoffs – It Ain’t Over ‘Til It’s Over

2015 Warriors Playoffs

Photo by Ben Margot

After running away with game five, the Warriors have to go back to Memphis to try and wrap things up.

I know Warriors fans believe their high powered team is clicking on all cylinders right now, but things happen in the playoffs. I figured the Warriors were about 3-5 points better than the Grizzlies on most nights and if you based that on score differential in just this series alone, they’re about 7 points better.

But you just have to look back at last night when the Houston Rockets were left for dead, only to outscore the LA Clippers 40-15 in the final period. It ain’t over ’til it’s over.

In game five, while the offense was fine, the Warriors defense is what controlled the basketball game. The Grizzlies scored 25 points in the first quarter and then went on to score 16, 16, and 21 in the final three.

After being the scariest man on earth for Warriors fans, the Warriors defense has tamed Z-Bo. He had a fairly silent 13 and 10, while Gasol, his counterpart in the scary department, was more active, though not all that efficient. Gasol was 8-22 shooting in scoring 18 points.

With Tony Allen out of the picture because of a hamstring injury, it was an opportunity for Jeff Green to show his worth. Green was a starting five best -1 in plus/minus, but he didn’t stretch the floor for the team like they needed, missing both of his three pointers. Vince Carter and Nick Calathes, who saw extended time with Allen out, were a combined -40 on the court. Calathes has been an absolute zero (or less than zero) for the entire series and it’s odd that he’s even getting playing time.

Tony Allen says he’s playing in game six no matter what. He won’t say how healthy he is, only that his health doesn’t matter and he needs to be on the court.

But I wonder.

The last time Allen played, the Warriors designed a game plan to force him into taking shots and doubled down in the middle. He didn’t play much after the first quarter. It’s probable that he was also injured and that could’ve been part of the reason why he wasn’t a factor.

But is a 70% Tony Allen who has to chase Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson around on a bad hamstring better than a healthy Jeff Green? I’m not sure he is. Green also provides the better shooting and you have to pay attention to him when he’s on the floor.

It’s possible that the key will be Draymond Green again. The simple story to this series is that when Draymond is Draymond the Warriors win handily. And when he’s not and in foul trouble, the Grizzlies get ahead and stay ahead.

If you’re betting between good Draymond vs good Tony Allen, which is the better bet? Whoever plays best for their team may be the deciding factor in the game.

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