2015 Warriors Playoffs – Warriors Run Away With Game Four

2015 Warriors playoffs

The Warriors beat the Grizzlies like they stole something.

All was woe in Warriors-land before Monday night’s game four. The Grizzlies had just beaten them twice playing their grit and grind style of game. In the regular season, the Warriors had proven to be able to bounce back from bad games never having lost more than two games in a row all year. And they still haven’t.

In my post after game three, I wondered what Steve Kerr would do to help the offense get kickstarted again. But it wasn’t the offensive game plan he necessarily changed. It was on the defensive end, which then kickstarted the offense.

Andrew Bogut started the game on Tony Allen, leaving Draymond Green to matchup with Marc Gasol and Harrison Barnes to guard Zach Randolph. Against any player other than Allen, this would seem nuts, but in this case, it worked perfectly. The Warriors’ starting front court played their best defensive game to date with Barnes playing as ferociously as you’ve ever seen him. Even David Lee played 15 minutes.

Bogut let Allen run around the perimeter and the Warriors played three on two against Randolph and Gasol. Allen, free to do what he wanted, shot 2-9 in just 16 minutes of play and might be hurt headed into game five.

The switch not only forced Allen into taking wide open jumpers he rarely shoots, but it also forced Grizzlies coach Dave Joerger to take him out when the Warriors took the early lead. It also forced Jeff Green into playing 34 minutes. Green played okay, but was a minus 11 in those minutes.

The Warriors picked up their three-point shooting with Green, Klay Thompson, and Stephen Curry going 10-23 from deep. The game overall had a very different pace with neither team living at the free throw line.

Curry seemed to put the team on his back offensively, which he does when the Warriors are able to get out and run. The Grizzlies only shot 38% from the field, which allowed Curry to hit the extra gear he wasn’t able to get into in games two and three. Even Grizzlies fans wanted to high five him.

So it’s now on Joerger to make a change, unless Allen can’t go and he’s forced to start either Green or Vince Carter. I think the Warriors would love to see either guy on the court instead of Allen.

Does Kerr stay with the defensive matchups he started with in game four? Does Joerger make a change on his end? With the series now tied at two, it’s a three-gamer with two games in Oakland and one in Memphis.

Who blinks first?

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