The #BALLSOHARD Podcast – Warriors Vs Grizzlies With Katee Forbis

Warriors vs Grizzlies

Katee Forbis joins me on the #BALLSOHARD Podcast to discuss Warriors/Grizz and WrestleMania.

If you follow @KateeForbis on Twitter, you know her as a Memphis Grizzlies Super Fan. If you don’t, well, I’ll just say get ready for a plethora of in-game tweets, pre-game tweets, post-game tweets, and post-post-game tweets all about her love for her basketball team.

We preview the Warriors vs Grizzlies series and go over the matchups that we’re looking forward to most. We talk about Mike “Bane” Conley’s injury and when to expect him back, the heartbreak we’ve both experienced from our basketball teams, and her love of Tony Allen.

You can check out her new website which will focus on the Grizzlies, but it won’t be just a basketball blog.

For the second half of the podcast, we delve into the world of professional wrestling and discuss how her fandom started. She was born in Memphis, so you can probably figure that one out. We talk about WrestleMania 31, what she thinks of the current product, the Divas division, Ronda Rousey, and NXT.

Right click to download or stream below.

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