NBA Players Association Awards Live Blog

NBA Players Association Awards

Follow along as we live blog the NBAPA Awards.

Having the players association host their own awards show is like an idea that I would’ve had when I was a kid. Get all the NBA stars together (Jarrett Jack included) and put on an awards show, similar to the Grammys. It only took them 30 years to do it.

I have a feeling this is going to be a trainwreck like Amy Schumer and it may not ever happen again. So I must live blog it.

5:04PM – Lil Wayne kicks off the event and someone forgot to hit the 7 second delay about 20 times. This is going to be so great.

5:08PM – If you gave me three chances at who was hosting this awards show, I would’ve figured out it was Jay Pharoah at least by the third guess. Hey, at least my 14-year old is cracking up at the Kevin Hart impersonation.

And he reminded everyone about this.

CP3 smiled.

5:13PM – We have an award! Who is going to win the defensive player of the year. It’s DeAndre Jordan and Gary Payton asks his new teammate Dirk Nowitski to accept the award for him. Paul Pierce came up instead. And then he tweeted this.

5:17PM – I just realized Kawhi Leonard and Draymond Green weren’t in the running. The players are haters.

5:23PM – Jason DeRulo is in Usher’s spot if this were on ABC rather than BET and he’s doing his thang. Is he still with Jordan Sparks?

5:25PMHmmmm. I guess not.

5:26PM – Hannibal Buress was doing his best at not being funny, but then I saw Ros! I think HB is still ready to risk it all.

5:28PM – Those defending champion Warriors are on the board! Oracle Arena won for best home court advantage. It would be like the Rose Bowl winning a Grammy for being the best venue for the Rolling Stones.

5:40PM – I’d consider this an upset, but Steph Curry beat out LeBron James, James Harden, and Russ Westbrook for the hardest player to guard award. I think they should’ve asked Tony Allen who he thought was hardest to guard and just gave that guy the award.

5:47PM – Does everyone remember that Fifth Harmony came from Simon Cowell’s X-Factor?

6:02PM – Jalen Rose and OBAMA! presented Ray Allen as the Man Of The Year. I wonder if Jesus has ever hooped at the White House.

6:14PM – It’s good to see Monica is still sanging. We need to bring Brandy back as well. Out of Steph Curry, Tim Duncan, Anthony Davis, and LeBron James, the award for the player you secretly wish was on your team goes to…

What? LeBron big-timed the awards? Isn’t he the VP of the Players Association?

6:22PM – Steph Curry is cleaning up tonight. He just won the clutch award. Kobe Bryant thinks he was robbed.

6:37PM – The league celebrated Allen Iverson as the game changer. They showed a lot of his highlights. But they didn’t show when he got KG!

6:48PM – It’s time for the MVP vote by the players. We know how this is going to go. The players are going to love them some James Harden.

All I have to say is this.

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