The #BALLSOHARD Podcast – The Force Awakens Preview (Spoiler Free – Sort Of)

Force Awakens preview

Big D joins us again for our Force Awakens preview.

Last week, we did part one of what we wanted to be a two-part Rocky VII/Star Wars VII podcast. And this is part two.

Big D is heavy into trying to figure out the story of The Force Awakens, which means he knows a lot about the characters. I didn’t want him to spoil anything, so rather than dig deep into what we expect to happen, we decided to do a FAQ about the movie.

Here’s some of we covered in our Force Awakens preview:
- The Jar Jar Binks controversy
- Who are the new characters and what are their roles?
- How much will the old characters we know and love be involved?
- Are any of the new characters related to the old characters?
- Will any of the old characters get killed off?
- What will Luke Skywalker’s role be?
- Who is Captain Phasma? Supreme Leader Snoke? Is Darth Plageuis real?

We go for about 85 minutes solid. Check it out.

Right click to download or stream below.

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