The #BALLSOHARD Podcast – The Force Awakens Review

Force Awakens preview

Big D and John LaRocca guest on the podcast and we give the definitive Force Awakens review.

It’s been about a month. We’ve all seen the Force Awakens at least twice and as many as five times. So it’s a good time to finally talk about it.

It’s not a review in the sense of analyzing the movie from start to finish, but we hit many of the plot points and discuss them ad nauseam including:

- How watching it multiple times has allowed us to look deeper into the film
- If the multiple viewings enhances the film
- JJ’s direction and the new stars of the film
- Rey and Finn as characters and why they work
- Is Rey supposed to be a Skywalker and other rumors about her
- Kylo Ren as a very layered villain and if we’re supposed to be sympathetic toward him
- Snoke and the Darth Plagueis rumors
- Ranking all the Star Wars film
- Previewing Rogue One

There’s also all kinds of tangents we go on and other analysis that we transition to.

You can find Big D on YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram and John on Twitter.

Right click to download or stream below.

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