American Idol’s Final Season – And Then There Were 5

The blog is back for American Idol's final season.

The blog is back for American Idol’s final season.

I believe they’re only eliminating one contestant today, which is good. I can’t imagine the season going any faster than it’s already gone.

Joining me in the discussion again tonight is John, aka @PopMusicNotes.

Adam Lambert is on the show. They showed thirty seconds of his 2009 performance of Mad World, which is maybe the second best performance in the history of the show. Word to Fantasia and Summertime.

He also did a short version of the song just to show us he’s still got it. Plus, he’s very hair inspiring.

We’re not messing around tonight. We have Ryno, we have J. Lo, we have Keith, and we have Harold. They’re getting right to it.

Trent Harmon is the first one through. America is picking the songs for the artists tonight.

Trent Harmon – Counting Stars by One Republic

I thought it was kind of funky early on, but he picked it up. It’s a weird song to perform on this show, but he’s very likable.

John says that America got it wrong on this, so he hates to fault Trent, but the performance was awkward and disjointed. It’s probably his worst performance of the season.

Keith says he was watching, but wasn’t pulled in. Jenny Lo is already blaming America for their song choice. It’s only the first performance Jenny Lo and John! Harold says he’s a lot better than that, but he felt like he was at a hoedown.

Dalton Rapattoni – Numb by Linkin Park

I appreciate the effort to change the song, but I don’t know that it’s an improvement on it. His version was pretty boring.

John says that he really liked it and it felt like a song he would have heard in the mid-90s on a Modern Rock station. It wasn’t perfect but it was definitely solid.

Jenny Lo says he took some of the oomph from the song, but it wasn’t exciting. Harold says he poured his guts into the lyrics and he liked it, but he needs to stay in the pocket with his guitar. Keith says he would’ve stripped it down even more.

La’Porsha Renae – Ready For Love by India.Arie

This was very good, but because she’s been so great, she’s set the bar. I don’t think she raised the bar this time, but she was near it.

John says it was another amazing performance and he’d love to see her have an India.Arie-like career, because that song fit her perfectly.

Harold says it was everything the lyrics called for and it was phenomenal. Keith says he was captivated by the moment. Jenny Lo says she has India’s spirit.

So far it’s Trent, Dalton, and La’Porsha who are through to the next round. And MacKenzie is also through.

MacKenzie Bourg – Wild World by Cat Stevens

I’m back with Mac. I thought he was pretty frustrating to listen to the last two weeks, but I thought this version of the song was very radio friendly.

John says it was meh and he doubts that America picked that. I agree with him.

Keith says he’s like cake batter in that even if he’s not cooked, he’s really good. Jenny Lo says she thoroughly enjoyed every second of that. Harold says he really liked the tempo.

We’re down to the final two and Sonika and Tristan will sing for the save.

Tristan McIntosh – Independence Day by Martina McBride

She sounds really nervous. But she picked it up near the end. She better hope Sonika falls flat on her face.

John questions her choice of Martina McBride song. He says turning a fiery anthem into a piano dirge just didn’t work for him. (And please don’t smile during a song like this.)

Jenny Lo says Tristan needs to try different things. Harold says she needs to grow older to sing these types of songs. Keith says it was too much in the middle.

Sonika Vaid – Let It Go by Demi Lovato

I can’t really argue with the song choice here. This is the type of song that’s going to get her to the next round. It’s not a terrific performance by any means, but it’s also not an old timey performance like Tristan’s.

John says he was nervous for her when she picked the song, but she gave a good, if not great performance.

Harold says it was a smart song choice. Keith says it was beautiful. Jenny Lo says she’s shy, but fierce and she’s a fighter.

Who goes home?

The judges chose Sonika to move on. That was an easy choice.

Dalton Rapattoni – The Sound Of Silence by Simon & Garfunkel

This was really weird. American Idol is so slickly produced, you never see any problems. But they played the wrong video package and instead of immediately cutting to the correct one, they cut back to the stage and all it showed was the team furiously putting the set together.

This was much better to me than the first performance. The entire performance was first him sitting on the stage and then standing. His awkward movements made it uncomfortable, but it also made you focus on the emotion of the performance.

John says it was even better than the first round and he loved the connection with the lyrics and the power of the delivery.

Keith says he emphasized the lyrics and did them justice. Jenny Lo says it was powerful. Harold says he needs to keep digging deeper and deeper because that’s what he does left.

Adam Lambert performs his new single Welcome To The Show with Laleh.

The guy is just fantastic. To me, he’s right up there with the best ever on American Idol and he’s definitely in my top five of favorite Idol contestants ever. Word to Fantasia, Big Rube Studdard, Elliott Yamin, and of course Kelly Clarkson.

MacKenzie Bourg – Billie Jean by Michael Jackson

Unfortunately for Mac, his version is going to be compared to David Cook’s and he’s losing that battle every time and twice on Sunday. Though (and this is really praise because of my love for MJ) it wasn’t bad.

John says he thought the re-working lost both the beauty of the melody AND the passion of the story. There was nothing wrong with the delivery, but it felt disjointed.

Jenny Lo says it was the most special version of that song they’ve seen. She must’ve forgotten about Cook. Harold says it was really, really strong. Keith says he’s a big fan of Mac.

Trent Harmon – Simple Man by Lynard Skynard

This was really good and much improved from his first performance. Trent is really easy to root for, which is going to help him get to the final three at least.

John says it was a huge rebound from the first round. The arrangement, the delivery…that’s how you do it.

Harold says his essence is appealing. Keith says it was lyrically perfect for him. Jenny Lo says it’s moments like this that are why she’s going to miss American Idol.

Sonika Vaid – Clarity by Zedd featuring Foxes

Sounds like someone who was loose and not worried anymore about going home. I don’t know that it was a great song choice for her voice though.

John says this performance shows why Sonika has been in the bottom a couple of times. He thinks she’s a goner next week.

Keith disagreed with me and thinks it was a good song for her, but says she needs to keep letting go. Jenny Lo agrees with me and says she didn’t like the song for her. Harold says it was pretty good.

La’Porsha Renae – No More Drama by Mary J. Blidge

I didn’t think it was up to La’Porsha snuff, but she felt those lyrics for damn sure. And she was much more animated in her performance than we’ve ever seen her, which was awesome.

John says there aren’t adequate words to describe the power and the emotion in her performance of the song. He can’t see how she isn’t showered with confetti and the end of this season.

Jenny Lo says she’s an inspiration and doesn’t overdo it. They didn’t have time for anyone else to give their critiques.

Prediction for next week

I’m with John. I think Sonika is going home. Though, it wasn’t Dalton’s strongest week.

Seacrest, out.

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2 Thoughts on “American Idol’s Final Season – And Then There Were 5

  1. Funny about the Dalton package…I didn’t even see that, so they must have fixed it for the west rebroadcast. I only have one addendum…you’re right about the La’s last song, but the earnestness of the delivery won me over.

    • I think I only get the West Coast version too. It was super disjointed.

      I love La’Porsha. But my worry about her is that her competition isn’t really anyone else but her and she’ll be graded on whether she’s better than she was last week. But she’s so far ahead of the game, I hope it doesn’t matter. Could be a Fantasia-like asswhipping for her this season where no one else really has a chance.

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