American Idol’s Final Season – And Then There Were 2

The blog is back for American Idol's final season.

The blog is back for American Idol’s final season.

It’s almost over! This is the penultimate episode of American Idol. Who makes the final two tonight? And we’ll learn tomorrow, who wins the whole damn thing.

Joining me in the discussion tonight, like he has all season long, is John, aka @PopMusicNotes.

I’m sad. But Ryno is trying to cheer me up as he goes on the stage.

Jenny Lo is also trying to brighten up my day with how hot she looks, but it’s not working. Okay, it’s working a little bit.

The first round is the songs that will be their single if they win.

Trent Harmon – Falling

I’m not sure that this is a strong single. It’s definitely not the type of single I’d expect from him. It’s like a gritty B-side that only the hardcore fans know well.

John agrees and says Trent’s a great singer, but he doesn’t know if this is a great song for him to make a first final impression.

The judges won’t make any comments on this round. I think it’s because the show is only an hour. You can’t make the Empire fans wait.

Dalton Rapattoni – Strike A Match

He lost me once he got outside of his angsty, paranoid performances. His voice just isn’t good enough. Though, he got here on performance, facials, and understanding how to play to the audience.

John says Dalton’s performance proves his point from earlier in the season in that he’s the most pop-ready of the final three.

La’Porsha Renae – Battles

This song doesn’t have enough depth to it to be a solid single. Well, unless you have Drake throw 16 on it.

John says he doesn’t hear this being a hit, but she probably connected to the song better than the guys did.

Who goes home?

La’Porsha is onto the final. Trent is too, or we riot.

Goodbye Dalton.

The second song is Simon Fuller’s choice.

Trent Harmon – If You Don’t Know Me By Now by Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes

To show my Idol nerdiness, I think Stefano Legano performed this fairly well a few seasons back. Jenny Lo loved her some Stefano.

I really liked Trent’s version. It was a nice cover, but he also showed a lot of confidence. He owned the song and the stage.

John says when they announced Trent’s song, he let out a yelp because Simon couldn’t have picked a better song for Trent. It started out a little slow, but when that key change hit and the falsetto kicked in, he had “the goosies.” Stellar performance. (GG’s note: Thanks, J. Lo.)

Keith says it’s great to see how far he’s come and Trent is giving La’Porsha a run for her money. Jenny Lo says they have a battle. Harold says he now feels like he knows him.

La’Porsha Renae – A House Is Not A Home by Dionne Warwick

This is near La’Porsha perfection. It was such a professional performance. But I’m slightly leaning toward Trent’s performance a bit more, which I know John slightly disagrees with me.

John says Simon is batting 1.000 with his picks. She sang a Dionne Warwick song with the Luther arrangement and that La’Porsha style, and she slayed it.

Jenny Lo says it was so beautiful. Harold says she spoke volumes about what she knows about harmony. Keith says he doesn’t even smoke and he needs a cigarette.

Round three is their own choice.

Trent Harmon – Chandelier by Sia

This was a memorable performance from when Sia was a mentor because Trent showed off his vocal range something fierce. He doubled down and did it just as well as he did it the first time here tonight.

John says it wasn’t the song he would have picked, but he proved him wrong. Chandelier was one of his best moments from the season, and he actually improved on the first time.

Harold says it was really strong and he should be very proud. Keith says his vocal transition is so gorgeous. Jenny Lo says he couldn’t have sang that more beautifully and he deserves to win.

La’Porsha Renae – Diamonds by Rihanna

Well, someone really wants to win. Sheesh.

John says when LaPorsha hit the bridge and the emotions kicked in, all he could think was “Hold it together, girl…you’ve got it!” Beautiful job.

Keith says it was a beautiful job. Jenny Lo says she’s going to be there at her concert to watch her let loose. Harold says he has nothing to say because it was amazing.

Prediction for tomorrow

I really wish Trent came along a few years ago because he’s better than Nick Fradiani, better than Caleb Johnson, and maybe even better than Candice Glover. If you want to go back further, he’s better than Lee DeWeed, I mean, DeWyze, and better than Kris Allen. But I’m not sure that he’s better than La’Porsha.

John says he’s at a loss and may split the supervote. But if he was betting on it, he’d put his money on La’Porsha.

Ryno said it! He brought back the Seacrest, out.

We’ll have a rundown of the finale tomorrow night or early Friday.

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