The #BALLSOHARD Podcast – GG & Big Money On Music


Check out the latest #BALLSOHARD podcast: Is Beyonce brilliant or sleazy?

My homie, Big Money Mike, (aka @RealMikeJoseph on Twitter) joins me to talk about music and pop culture. Check him out on And he has a book coming out soon. You can follow his music Twitter, which is the same namesake as the book @jhericurlchron.

We go over a ton of the latest in music, including:
- Mike’s upcoming Jhericurl Chronicles book
- His 40 years playlists on Spotify
- Beyonce’s Lemonade and marketing in music today
- Is Beyonce brilliant, or is it a bit sleazy?
- Prince passing away and if there are any more Prince’s out there
- Phife Dawg passing away and his relationship with Q-Tip
- And then we hit some quick hitters on Justin Timberlake’s new song, Chance The Rapper, Drake, Kanye and more

Right click to download or stream below.

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2 Thoughts on “The #BALLSOHARD Podcast – GG & Big Money On Music

  1. Great convo. I tend to agree with Big Money about Beyonce and the “great” album. On top of what he mentioned, the fact that she writes with SO MANY PEOPLE makes that possibility almost impossible. She’s a marketing genius on the same level with Madonna in her heyday with pulling influences from many corners of popular culture and packaging them in a way that will grab the most interest. “Daddy Issues” is a perfect example of this…the CMT article questioning if it’s country or not did all the work, and probably pushed more people toward the album than would have otherwise looked at it.

    • I didn’t make my point clear enough. What I was trying to say is that I feel like she needs a big event to pull greatness out of her and at first, I thought Lemonade was that moment with the breakup of her marriage, until I found out it was all marketing. If that really did happen in real life, I do think we’d get her best work.

      Agree on all the stuff about who writes for her though.

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