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Rivals 3 finale

Check out our Rivals 3 finale live blog.

After last season’s debacle of Bloodlines, MTV came back with a vengeance with Rivals 3. Even though there are some rock stars missing like CT and Cara Maria, the Rivals concept worked yet again.

Johnny Bananas and Sarah are the comeback couple of the year. Camila lived up to her Camilanator name. Tony is the real MVP. Really, the only thing that made me sad is how poorly Wes is at this game now.

Poor a little out for Wes.

But it’s time for the finale. We’re rocking it time capsule style and I might even throw some tweets in from super fan Maddie, who I had on my podcast yesterday to discuss this very show.

As G Dep once rhymed, let’s get it.

:03 – Even though Bananas is being a good coach now, Sarah’s lack of athleticism when it comes to running has to kill him. Unhitch the trailer Sarah!

:04 – Devin says not to doubt the underdog. We’re doubting you holmes.

:06 – Jenna, you don’t have to tell us that you’re a little ditzy. And you also don’t have to use the word little.

:09 – Is it possible that Cheyenne is the worst competitor to ever make it to the Challenge finale? Oh wait, that was Jay. I apologize Cheyenne.

:16 – Bananas and Sarah are kicking hind quarters. But they’re really trying to tell each other they’re going to split the money. Now that Sarah is winning 2-1, he’s really trying to tell her they’re splitting the money.

:23 – Sarah is sick. Jenna is going to fall asleep. Cheyenne is going to sleep. And the guys have to stand on a log all night. This doesn’t seem like much fun.

:25 – The only reason I showed Jenna’s tweet is because of her photo. Let’s be real.

:30 – Great, an eating challenge; Jenna’s kryptonite.

:32 – Let the puking commence.

:34 – Of course they’re going to climb a mountain higher than any Challenge season ever before.

(By the way, have you ever watched old seasons of the Challenge? It looks like child’s play compared to this.)

:41 - After Bananas hits Sarah with snow, she says that he’s the big brother she never wanted. Bananas is older than her?

:42 – Bananas and Sarah finish first on the mountain. Sadly, Vinny doesn’t pass out and fall off the mountain. He and Jenna finish second. Devin and Cheyenne actually finish atop the mountain, but Cheyenne messed her pants. But all is not done yet. Even though Bananas and Sarah finished first, they need to add up all the points from the entire race thus far.

(Oh Maddie, Cheyenne’s pants surely suffered.)

:48 – Devin and Cheyenne finish third and collect $25,000. I feel like it’s not worth it.

:49 – Bananas and Sarah won the $275,000. Vince and Jenna won $50,000. Man, after taxes, outside of first place, it’s so not worth it.

:51 – Devin splits it with Cheyenne rather than taking it all for himself. Vince also splits the money with Jenna. And now, does Bananas screw Sarah, or play nice guy?

:56 – Bananas just said that he’s going to take the money and run. Holy hell.

1:01 – MTV, where’s the part where Bananas says he’s just kidding? Or, sike!

(Since they left us on the cliff hanger, we’re going right through to the reunion. We stay blogging.)

1:03 – Devin to Bananas: “She carried you.”

1:05 – Bananas: “I would’ve done this to my own mother.”

1:11 – Sarah ran out screaming and crying and started flipping off the camera. It looked completely staged. Johnny looks like a heel, but I don’t think there’s any way Sarah walks away with no money.

1:12 – Even Chris Jericho has an opinion on this.

1:14 – Bananas equating being put into the elimination by Sarah to him screwing her and taking all the money is hilarious. They’re not close to being equal.

1:24 – When Cheyenne is reminded that she messed her pants:

1:32 – Nate and Nicole broke up? Man, and here I thought that one was going to be forever.

1:35 – By the way, can we give a shout out to Smashley? She was entertainment the entire season. From the hookups, to the orgasm during the actual challenge, to more hookups, to losing her underwear on camera, to the bathroom hookup which everyone could see – she’s an all-timer. I hope she’s on every season.

1:43 – Camila and Vince either A. hooked up B. spent time in the shower together or C. were doing the dual dump/shower move.

(Really Camila? Vince? Vince?)

1:58 – It’s time for the Challenged Awards.

Best Ugly Cry: Nate (Nany should’ve had this one in the bag.)
Best “I Wanna Go Home” Moment: Cheyenne (but she stayed!)
Nastiest Fall: Ashley (she nearly fell down the stage trying to accept her award for nastiest fall)

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