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Meeting The Great Luke Perry

Luke Perry

On November 10, 2017, I finally met a member of the Beverly Hills, 90210 universe. No, it wasn’t BWalsh. It wasn’t my once future wife Kelly Taylor. It wasn’t Muntz. Not that despicable John Sears. Nope, not even Susan Keats. It was Dylan. Read More →

Dear Basketball: A (Long) Love Letter

Dear basketball

Dear basketball, Read More →

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

Teamwork makes the dream work

Lots to reflect on, so let’s get it.

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LL Cool J At Hot Summer Night 2015 – Even When He’s Bragging, He’s Being Sincere

LL Cool J at Hot Summer Night 2015

He’s still bad.

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My Entourage

My Entourage

Who is in my Entourage?

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