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American Idol Season 13 Finale Live Blog

American Idol Season 13 Finale Live

Via Hit Fix

I put it on the line last night and wrote that Jena Irene (#TeamJena) would the fan vote and be the season 13 American Idol. Let’s see if #TeamCaleb can prove me wrong. Read More →

American Idol Season 13 Finale Recap (Part 1) – Who Will Win?

American Idol season 13 finale

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So who should win American Idol? I think I have an idea, though I’m not quite sure it’s going to go that way. Read More →

Vital Idol – Blame The Judges For Malaya’s Elimination

Malaya's Elimination

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As I mentioned when I wrote how unfortunate it was when Majesty went home a couple weeks ago, I’m not live blogging American Idol for the first season since season one. Read More →

MTV’s The Challenge: Free Agents Preview

challenge: free agents previewThere are few certainties in life. One of them is death. Another is taxes. And after The Real World completes a season, The Challenge begins. Read More →

Reality Check – Real World Ex-plosion Finale

Real World Ex-plosion FinaleEven though I really enjoyed last season’s Real World Portland, it definitely felt like a show that was long in the tooth. And ratings have shown that in recent seasons. But with this current second San Francisco season, renamed Real World Ex-plosion, the show feels rejuvenated. Read More →

Vital Idol – Majesty Goes Home

Majesty goes homeLong story short, I’ve been blogging at this domain for roughly 12 years. Because of a miscommunication, 12 years of blog posts were lost earlier this year. I had actually stopped writing consistently. But you know how you don’t know what you got till it’s gone (Joni Mitchell never lies)? Well, when the blog was gone, I missed it. So it’s back. And like MJ in the 4-5, I’m back.

Also, I’m hoping that my buddy Coach Dan will make me a sweet banner very soon. I have some Mangria to trade. Read More →