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MTV’s The Challenge Rivals 3 Finale + Reunion Live Blog

Rivals 3 finale

Check out our Rivals 3 finale live blog.

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The #BALLSOHARD Podcast – Rivals 3 Finale Preview

Rivals 3 finale preview

We preview the Rivals 3 finale with Maddie Yardley.

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The #BALLSOHARD Podcast – The Challenge: Rivals III Preview

Rivals III preview

Alex Pavlovic and Carmen Kiew join me for The Challenge: Rivals III preview podcast.

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MTV’s The Challenge – Battle Of The Exes 2 Penultimate Episode

battle of the exes 2

First thing’s first: I usually only blog the finale. Why write about the second-to-last episode? Eh, I just wanted to write about the Challenge. Read More →

The #BALLSOHARD Podcast – Alex Pavlovic And Carmen Kiew

Alex Pavlovic

I’m pretty sure that this has never been done before. Unless someone proves me wrong, there’s never been a podcast that tackles both the San Francisco Giants and MTV’s The Challenge. Read More →

The Challenge: Free Agents Season Finale

The Challenge: Free Agents Season Finale

It’s time for The Challenge: Free Agents season finale. Read More →

The #BALLSOHARD Podcast With Carmen Kiew

Challenge Free Agents

On the lastest #BALLSOHARD Podcast, I chat with Carmen Kiew (@CarmenKiew), GIF bad ass, San Francisco Giants super fan, and lover of all things MTV’s The Challenge. Read More →

MTV’s The Challenge: Free Agents Preview

challenge: free agents previewThere are few certainties in life. One of them is death. Another is taxes. And after The Real World completes a season, The Challenge begins. Read More →

Reality Check – Real World Ex-plosion Finale

Real World Ex-plosion FinaleEven though I really enjoyed last season’s Real World Portland, it definitely felt like a show that was long in the tooth. And ratings have shown that in recent seasons. But with this current second San Francisco season, renamed Real World Ex-plosion, the show feels rejuvenated. Read More →