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2014 SF Giants – Beautifully Ugly

2014 SF Giants

On the same night that the Los Angeles Dodgers were eliminated from the playoffs by the St. Louis Cardinals, the Giants finished off the Washington Bryce Harpers to advance to the NLCS. And they did it in ugly fashion. But winning ugly when it clinches the NLDS can actually be quite beautiful. Read More →

2014 SF Giants – No! No! No!

2014 SF Giants

Daniel Bryan must be bad luck. Read More →

2014 SF Giants – #BeltFlip

2014 SF Giants

Some may argue that it’s simply a bat drop, much like Barry Bonds used to do. He didn’t actually flip the bat. But hey, everything is a bat flip these days and #BeltFlip sounds better than #BeltDrop. Read More →

2014 SF Giants – If You Don’t Know Now You Know

2014 SF Giants

The title of this post comes from the great philosopher Christopher Wallace aka Biggie Smalls aka the Notorious B.I.G. Read More →

2014 SF Giants – The “Not So Wild” Card Game

Brandon Crawford grand slam

Via Justin K. Aller of Getty Images

If Tuesday night’s Royals vs A’s match-up was the true definition of wild card, then Wednesday night’s Pirates vs Giants was the “not so wild” card game. Read More →

The #BALLSOHARD Podcast With Carmen Kiew

Challenge Free Agents

On the lastest #BALLSOHARD Podcast, I chat with Carmen Kiew (@CarmenKiew), GIF bad ass, San Francisco Giants super fan, and lover of all things MTV’s The Challenge. Read More →

The #BALLSOHARD Podcast – NBA Finals Preview With Nick James

NBA Finals preview

This is the third #BALLSOHARD Podcast and since it’s time for the NBA Finals, I wanted to bring on sports radio host Nick James (aka Twitch) from ESPN 630. Read More →

In A Word, Describe The Giants Offense

Giants offenseI’d been wanting to write about the Giants start, but I wanted to wait until I saw them live. Even though I’ve watched my fair share of ball games in April, I wanted to get that live and in-person feel of the team. I sure picked the wrong games to witness. Read More →

2012 SF Giants – The Giants Are The 2012 World Series Champs

In my last post, I talked about how I felt really good about game three because even after winning the first two games, the “experts” were saying that the Giants were lucky and they were getting all the breaks. And most of them picked the Tigers to win game three. Read More →

2012 SF Giants – The Giants Are On The Brink Of Another World Series Championship

2012 SF Giants

In the fourteen game stories I’ve written during the San Francisco Giants’ playoff run in the last two and a half weeks, I haven’t written a word about 2010. Read More →