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The #BALLSOHARD Podcast – 2017 Year In Music With Big Money Mike

2017 Music Year In Review

My countdown to the best album in 2017 is on its way. But before finishing that, I decided to talk music with my buddy Big Money Mike. Read More →

The #BALLSOHARD Podcast – Kaepernick And Tupac With Big Money Mike

Kaepernick and Pac

Check out the latest #BALLSOHARD podcast on Kaepernick and Tupac.

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The #BALLSOHARD Podcast – GG & Big Money On Music


Check out the latest #BALLSOHARD podcast: Is Beyonce brilliant or sleazy?

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The #BALLSOHARD Podcast – Giants Talk With Alex Pavlovic

Giants talk

Alex Pavlovic joins me for some Giants talk.

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The #BALLSOHARD Podcast – The Challenge: Rivals III Preview

Rivals III preview

Alex Pavlovic and Carmen Kiew join me for The Challenge: Rivals III preview podcast.

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The #BALLSOHARD Podcast – The Force Awakens Review

Force Awakens preview

Big D and John LaRocca guest on the podcast and we give the definitive Force Awakens review.

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The #BALLSOHARD PODCAST – 2015 Year In Music

2015 year in music

Big Money Mike joins me for my year end podcast, the 2015 year in music review.

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The #BALLSOHARD Podcast – The Force Awakens Preview (Spoiler Free – Sort Of)

Force Awakens preview

Big D joins us again for our Force Awakens preview.

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The #BALLSOHARD Podcast – Creed Review Plus All Rocky All Day

Creed review

The newly married Big D joins me on the #BALLSOHARD Podcast for our Creed review and then to discuss all the other Rocky films.

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The #BALLSOHARD Podcast – Warriors Vs Grizzlies With Katee Forbis

Warriors vs Grizzlies

Katee Forbis joins me on the #BALLSOHARD Podcast to discuss Warriors/Grizz and WrestleMania.

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