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The #BALLSOHARD Podcast – Star Wars Celebration

Star Wars Celebration

With the new trailer out, it’s time to delve back into the Star Wars universe.

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The #BALLSOHARD Podcast – Alex Pavlovic And Carmen Kiew

Alex Pavlovic

I’m pretty sure that this has never been done before. Unless someone proves me wrong, there’s never been a podcast that tackles both the San Francisco Giants and MTV’s The Challenge. Read More →

The #BALLSOHARD Podcast – The Force Awakens

force awakens

Big D joins me to discuss all the information that we know thus far about Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Read More →

The #BALLSOHARD Podcast – #F4WCon14


Five guys who were in Las Vegas last weekend discuss the #F4WCon14. Read More →

The #BALLSOHARD Podcast With Carmen Kiew

Challenge Free Agents

On the lastest #BALLSOHARD Podcast, I chat with Carmen Kiew (@CarmenKiew), GIF bad ass, San Francisco Giants super fan, and lover of all things MTV’s The Challenge. Read More →

The #BALLSOHARD Podcast – NBA Finals Preview With Nick James

NBA Finals preview

This is the third #BALLSOHARD Podcast and since it’s time for the NBA Finals, I wanted to bring on sports radio host Nick James (aka Twitch) from ESPN 630. Read More →

The #BALLSOHARD Podcast – NBA Conference Finals Preview

NBA Conference Finals Preview

Via USA Today

This is the second #BALLSOHARD Podcast and since we’re right in the smack dab of the NBA’s second season, I wanted to bring on Jason McKenna who co-hosts The New York Knicks Podcast. He authored the Roundball Soundoff column on Popblerd! which I chipped in on. And we also admin the Roundball Soundoff Facebook page together.

Here’s what you’ll hear on the podcast:

- When Jay started following the Knicks closely
- His favorite Knicks team, the best Knicks player he’s ever seen, and his favorite Knick of all-time
- His thoughts on the Knicks losing out on Steve Kerr
- Why Mark Jackson isn’t the best move
- Trusting in Phil
- Thoughts on the great first round of the playoffs
- How the second round was a bit of a let down
- Break down of both the Eastern and Western conference finals
- Finals predictions

Let us know what you think.

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The #BALLSOHARD Podcast – Michael Jackson’s XScape Review

Michael Jackson's XScape review

This is the first episode of The #BALLSOHARD Podcast, which will generally center around sports, music, pop culture and things of that nature. For my first guest, I talk to my friend Big Money Mike (@popblerd), founder and editor of Popblerd! and also, the biggest Michael Jackson fan I know.

Here’s what you’ll hear on the podcast:

- The upcoming five year anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death
- Our memories of the day he died
- Discussion about the first posthumous Michael album
- A review of XScape including how it was put together
- The teaser single and how it shaped our view of what to expect
- Adding Justin Timberlake to Love Never Felt So Good
- The time frame of the original recordings of the songs
- Our thoughts on the original songs versus the Timbaland (and others) mixed versions
- Whether or not LA Reid should be in charge of another posthumous release
- Who else should be the executive producer if not Timbaland
- A short discussion about the Jackson family and whether his kids will try to follow in his footsteps

Let us know what you think.

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