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The #BALLSOHARD Podcast – Giants Talk With Alex Pavlovic

Giants talk

Alex Pavlovic joins me for some Giants talk.

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The #BALLSOHARD Podcast – The Challenge: Rivals III Preview

Rivals III preview

Alex Pavlovic and Carmen Kiew join me for The Challenge: Rivals III preview podcast.

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2014 SF Giants – #BeltFlip

2014 SF Giants

Some may argue that it’s simply a bat drop, much like Barry Bonds used to do. He didn’t actually flip the bat. But hey, everything is a bat flip these days and #BeltFlip sounds better than #BeltDrop. Read More →

2014 SF Giants – The “Not So Wild” Card Game

Brandon Crawford grand slam

Via Justin K. Aller of Getty Images

If Tuesday night’s Royals vs A’s match-up was the true definition of wild card, then Wednesday night’s Pirates vs Giants was the “not so wild” card game. Read More →

In A Word, Describe The Giants Offense

Giants offenseI’d been wanting to write about the Giants start, but I wanted to wait until I saw them live. Even though I’ve watched my fair share of ball games in April, I wanted to get that live and in-person feel of the team. I sure picked the wrong games to witness. Read More →