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2014 SF Giants – This One May Be The Sweetest

2014 SF Giants

They’re all sweet. But thinking about what it took for the Giants to even get there this year, this one may be the sweetest. Read More →

2014 SF Giants – The Royals Take Jake Peavy To The Cleaners

2014 SF Giants

It was quite predictable that Jake Peavy would struggle against the Royals in game six of the World Series, but Giants fans hoped he could at least keep them in the game. Read More →

2014 SF Giants – Right-Handed Pablo

2014 SF Giants

I have a new favorite baseball player. His name is right-handed Pablo. Read More →

2014 SF Giants – The Cardinals Solo-Homer Their Way To Winning Game 2

2014 SF Giants NLCS

After a back and forth ball game, the Cardinals strike back to take game two of the NLCS. Read More →

The #BALLSOHARD Podcast – NBA Finals Preview With Nick James

NBA Finals preview

This is the third #BALLSOHARD Podcast and since it’s time for the NBA Finals, I wanted to bring on sports radio host Nick James (aka Twitch) from ESPN 630. Read More →

In A Word, Describe The Giants Offense

Giants offenseI’d been wanting to write about the Giants start, but I wanted to wait until I saw them live. Even though I’ve watched my fair share of ball games in April, I wanted to get that live and in-person feel of the team. I sure picked the wrong games to witness. Read More →

2012 SF Giants – Live At Game 1 Of The 2012 World Series

2012 SF GiantsThanks to a lucky break and some fantastic co-workers, I was able to attend game one of the World Series at AT&T Park. Read More →