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The #BALLSOHARD Podcast – Giants Talk With Alex Pavlovic

Giants talk

Alex Pavlovic joins me for some Giants talk.

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2014 SF Giants – Royals Strike Back

2014 SF Giants

The Royals sure made a statement in game two. That statement was something like, “Not so fast.” Read More →

2012 SF Giants – The Giants Are On The Brink Of Another World Series Championship

2012 SF Giants

In the fourteen game stories I’ve written during the San Francisco Giants’ playoff run in the last two and a half weeks, I haven’t written a word about 2010. Read More →

2012 SF Giants – Live At Game 1 Of The 2012 World Series

2012 SF GiantsThanks to a lucky break and some fantastic co-workers, I was able to attend game one of the World Series at AT&T Park. Read More →

2012 SF Giants – On Tim Lincecum And #RallyZito

2012 SF Giants

Before I mention the Giants loss on Thursday night, I wanted to tell a story. It’s about a man named Tim Lincecum. Read More →

2012 SF Giants – The Redemption Of Tim Lincecum

2012 SF Giants

If you’ve ready any of my baseball posts around these parts, you may know that Tim Lincecum fascinates me. Read More →

2010 SF Giants – The Giants Are The 2010 World Series Champions

2010 SF Giants

With two outs in the bottom of the ninth, Giants’ closer Brian Wilson threw a 3-2 fastball to Nelson Cruz, the Rangers’ slugger who homered off Tim Lincecum in his previous at-bat. And time stood still. Read More →

2010 SF Giants – The Giants Win Ugly In Game One Of The World Series

2010 SF Giants

The Giants have shown in the playoffs that they can win tight, well-played one-run games. Tonight, they showed that they can win ugly, ugly baseball games too. Read More →

2010 SF Giants – How Sweet It Is

2010 SF Giants

Game six of the NLCS stirred up old memories, gave me new memories, and caused my heart to roll up into my throat a few times. Read More →

2010 SF Giants – It’s Not Supposed To Be Easy

2010 SF Giants

If you asked Giants fans how they would’ve liked this series to go, a four game sweep would’ve been the answer. But up three games to two going back to Philadelphia would’ve been a favorable outcome based on the fact that the Giants were the definitive underdog coming into the series. Read More →